roseychu1! (Augnie)
aerial312Anything but #1. I like A squared, but tag it annie x auggie.
marcialitmanI like Augnie or A Squared
annastmI’m ok with Augnie..I like A-squared too :) We can also invent something with their last names like Walderson or anker LOL
magicallyobsessedi like a squared
lizrectorBut Walkerson sounds so much catchier ;)
lovetoloveher80: Is there ever a time when Chris isn’t following Twitter? I like A-squared, or I saw Walkerson on, and like that.

And VIA Twitter:

@I like A-Squared
@My suggestion for Annie slash August ‘ship name is Ang’st. 
@Ha! I approve!  ;)
@I think we have a winner! (Re: Ang’st/Angst)
@A-squared is what I’ve seen mostly. :)
@I like A2 too.
@I don’t like ship names. A2 would prob be best. 
@: Trying to come up w s’thing. A/A is my best.

See why there’s no consensus yet? This is pretty split still AND I’ve gotten even more options. (Walkerson and Ang’st)

Current Tally: 

  1. Augnie: 5
  2. A-squared/A2: 10
  3. Walkerson: 3
  4. Ang’st: 3

Leave an answer below if you would like to contribute another vote or have any other suggestions.

  1. shot-of-patron answered: A2 is really easy for tagging…
  2. wagrobanite answered: I would rather have annie x auggie… hate made names like this
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